🍓🥮 Strawberry Moon Ritual /Meditation Follow along Event


June is the month of strawberries! 🍓 The days are long and the upcoming Midsummer celebration of Litha fills this time with heat and passion. Here’s an easy love spell for the Strawberry Moon.

The best day to do this spell is Friday but you should cast it during any of the three nights when the Moon is Full in June.

Harness the energy of a Strawberry Moon with a love spell. Take your relationship to the next level or open your heart to a new love.


  • Fresh strawberries

  • 1 pink candle

  • 1 dish

  • Pen and paper

When’s the next Strawberry Moon?

  • Strawberry Moon 2024: June 22, 2024: Full Moon in Capricorn.
  • Strawberry Moon 2025: June 11, 2025: Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Full Strawberry Moon Ritual

for the event....  copy and print out.




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