Pisces Blue Moon Meaning / Ritual August 30 Join US! Free to Signup

The Pisces Full Moon arrives on August 30th and is our second Full Moon for the month of August, which is why it is referred to as a Blue Moon. It also happens to be a Super Moon, which means we will feel its effects magnified.

This Pisces Super Blue Moon will be drawing things up and out of us, illuminating what has been buried for some time. Psychic debris will be cleared, emotional baggage will be shifted, and we may even find some space opening up in our lives.

The vibrations of Pisces energy, coupled with the fact this is a Blue Moon, will thin the veil and heighten our intuition, making it a powerful time for ritual work.

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With #virgoseason and also dealing with retrogrades in several planets you can become so confused and backwards. Things can become chaotic plus you maybe noticing past issues and that means you don't want to repeat or rid of forever conscious. So, this is to get rid of the baggage and open up space so that you can set your intentions to BRING IN BIG DREAMS and also be strong and push through the retrogrades.

Things you can do also on this sacred event.

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