What Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You About Your Skin... PLUS A SKIN CARE RITUAL

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”What’s your sign?” an aesthetician asked as she examined my skin during a facial. It caught me off guard: What could being a Leo have to do with my breakouts? “Ahhh, a fire sign,” she responded. “No wonder. Fire signs attract a lot of inflammation.

If you are a wellness lifestyle professional like Dr.Traci K you know from education and experience of working with all walks of life clients for years that we are all made up of Energy.  Dr.Traci K is board certified in energy medicine and metaphysics.   With this in mind the skin is one of the biggest most vital organ.   Energy affects us every day.   We operate our body with our energy.  Positive or Negative.   We are constantly trying to balance the system.  It can be frustrating at times.  How do we know what skin care products to use or at what times or how do we know what we need for our skincare ritual.  

Here is a simple guide to help you get started:

using your Sign...  

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Issue: Inflammation

“Fire is all about motivation and stop-at-nothing energy,” says Traci K And if you’re  stressed (say, into another galaxy?), an unfortunate side effect—or two—can be blotchy, inflamed, and red skin or rashes. You'll need something neutralizing.

Solution:   Soothing Treatments Traci K recommends

Aloe Vera Gel- learn more

EQUA DERM- (Oily Skin)- Buy

Restore Night Cream- Buy

Tea Tree Gel- Fresh and Calming- Buy

Hand and Body Lotion- Buy

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Issue: Clogged Pores

If you feel yourself grasping onto things longer than you should (maybe a situation from your past or a material object), you could be exuding the earth element.
“Earth signs are more simple and grounded," Traci K says. “Earth is about retaining things. They want to anchor themselves in the physical world. " But the last thing you want to anchor dirt is your pores.

Solution:  Scrubs , earth material balance and extracting

Sunflower Booty and Face Scrub- Buy Here

Jade or Rose Massage and Roller- Buy Here

Traci K Beauty Serum- Buy Here

Traci K Beauty Glazed Invisible Pore Primer- Buy Here

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Issue: Dryness

When your social calendar is particularly busy, you may be putting out air-element vibes. “Air signs are inherently social. They’re always thinking about how they can fuel others and elevate other elements,” . But when you give so much, it may leave you high and dry—literally.

Solution: Adopt and stick to a skincare regimen that includes moisturizing the skin at least once a day with something really hydrating.

Face Mists- Buy these here Rose, Lavendar, or Eucalyptus

Aftershave for Men- Buy Here

Hand and Body Hydrating Lotion- Buy Here

Anti Aging Day Cream- Buy Here

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Issue: Sensitivity

So you’ve been tapping into your compassion recently, maybe providing support for a friend or just because you’re “in your feelings.” You could be swimming in water energy. 

Solution: Mineral based products which is all of Traci K Beauty Glazed Makeup BUY HERE Simplifying your routine to fewer steps and hypoallergenic products is your best bet. 

Sensi Clay Mask- Buy Here

For the Dark Circles and under eye-  Buy Here

Rose Gold Bundle System or Rose Gold Moisturizing Cream to protect and Heal  Which everyone of all skin types can benefit from the Rose Gold Bundle System.      Please let us know how you like the product or comment below if any questions.  





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  • This material is really interesting to me because I am an amateur astrologer, but as a Libra I believe that my skin issue is not dryness so much as clogged pores and oiliness.


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