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Chakra bracelets are said to have healing powers when used correctly. Your body is made up of different chakras, which are wheels of energy scattered throughout the body. It is through these wheels that energy flows. These energy intersection points happen to correspond with different nerve centers throughout the body, along with major organs. Therefore, to remain healthy, it is essential to have each of these energy points open and free-flowing.

Keeping a Chakra Open

This is the tricky part. Keeping these energy points open can be difficult without proper balance. Being able to achieve such balance is where chakra bracelets come into play. The bracelets have specific stones corresponding to a unique chakra located somewhere in the body. Therefore, by getting bracelets that contain the right chakras, you will be able to influence your energy centers and help balance out energy points that would otherwise be unbalanced. This alone can help activate a chakra and open it up.

Understanding the basics of the different chakras and knowing which chakra is out of balance is the key to being able to align them properly. By wearing chakra bracelets, you will gain the ability to balance out the energy surrounding you.

There are all kinds of ways unbalanced energy can impact you. Whether it be mental or physical consequences, being able to achieve optimal balance is key to optimizing your health. Having chakra jewelry for higher vibration can help repel negative energies and influence positive energies. However, in order to experience the many benefits that can be gained from wearing chakra bracelets, you must first have a good understanding of the different chakras found throughout the body and how to properly align them.

An Overview of the Chakras

First (Muladhara)

This is the chakra associated with everything required for basic survival, including safety, food, and shelter.1 This chakra can be found located near the bladder and colon.

Second (Svadhisthana)

This particular chakra is located right underneath the navel, and it is seen as the chakra of creativity. It is also the sexual center.

Third (Manipura)

This chakra is larger in size and can be found from the breast bone to the navel. This particular chakra is the energy center for self-confidence.

Forth (Anahata)

The fourth chakra can be found directly at the heart’s center, and it functionally serves as the bridge between everything from the physical body to the emotions and even the spirit. It also happens to be the energy source of love.

Fifth (Vishuddha)

The fifth chakra is the chakra that is located in the throat area, and it is the energy center that offers individuals the ability to express themselves verbally.

Sixth (Ajna)

This chakra can be found in between the eyebrows situated right above the nose, and it is referred to as our third eye because it is the energy source of intuition and self-awareness.

Seventh (Sahasrara)

This particular chakra can be found at the crown of the head, and it is the source of spirituality.

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Why You Should Wear a Chakra Bracelet


The main reason you should look to wear a chakra bracelet is due to the constant imbalance individuals are typically faced with today. Whether the imbalance is self-induced or caused by stressors in your life, individual energies are in a constant state of flux. Therefore, you should be doing all you can to achieve better harmony and balance to improve your health as a whole. Whether it be directly through meditation or something as simple as wearing the right chakras.

Better Spiritual Connection 

A lot of people who embrace wearing chakra bracelets are who that are into personal development and have a goal of achieving spiritual enlightenment. If you are looking to improve your meditation sessions and the ability to achieve inner peace, a chakra bracelet can be a great addition to your life.


Chakra bracelets can be great additions if you are looking to improve your mind-body connection. Being able to open up your chakras and achieve greater balance with them can really help you in a variety of ways. With the increased stress, individuals are constantly faced with today, it is more important than ever to address chakra imbalances to keep the body and mind as healthy as possible.

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