Broken your New Year Intentions? Why March is the perfect time for a spring re-set

Our new mantra? ‘Spring is Coming and a time to reflect and re-set’. While for many it’s tradition to do this at the start of the year, it’s clear the ‘new year, new you’ mantra isn’t as effective as it sounds. In fact, 80% of us admit we break our New Year resolutions by February, meaning that by spring, many of us are already feeling like a failure.

Unlike January, spring is the perfect time to harness our true potential. Like much of nature, we humans genuinely bloom in spring. Scientists have shown that increased daylight triggers the pineal gland in our brains to reduce melatonin (the hormone controlling our circadian rhythm and mood). And less melatonin makes us happier and more energized, meaning our enthusiasm and confidence soars. All of which makes it a much more realistic time to reflect and refresh our habits, and work on improving our wellbeing.

So, rather than giving up on your new year goals for good, give yourself a quarterly review. Reflect on what you really want to change this year, learn why you keep failing at the same things, and discover the unique habits that will truly motivate you. And remember, there’s still three quarters of the year to reach your true potential! Here’s how:


Habits are formed by repeating it everyday consistently to over 21 days.  Here is a recap that you should put to use every year  to help bring in 7 HABITS   Habit stacking – i.e. piggybacking something new into an existing routine – is a useful tactic for smaller goals. Like increasing your step count by going for a walk when you’re on the phone to a friend; doing squats while waiting for the kettle to boil; saying positive affirmations in the shower. Reflect on what your dream-team could be to set yourself up for success.  Try this from our Zen Collection to help with balancing 


Try watching and listening to Subliminals or do a Green Candle Meditation.

Here are some from Dr. Traci K"s Playlist you will LIKE



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