Free -FULL MOON STURGEON RITUAL CLASS-Remove What no longer Serves You 🙏

Free -FULL MOON STURGEON RITUAL CLASS-Remove What no longer Serves You 🙏

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Are you in dispair? Depressed? Overwelmed? 

Is there something that you want to Banish in your life ?

A bad habit, person, blocks? That no longer serves your higher purpose?

This Class is for YOU.  You will receive step by step instructions to do this Ritual .

What is the meaning of the Sturgeon Moon?

A Sturgeon Full Moon symbolizes endurance and resilience. This fish represents incredible strength and a powerful decision-making. Sturgeon fossils have been found from 170 million years ago and they still live in North America and Eurasia.

The symbolism of fish  also connect us with the Water Element 🜄, which means awareness and communication with the spiritual realms.

Full Sturgeon Moon Witchcraft

We can also harness the spiritual energy of tonight’s Full Moon by meditating to its current lunar transit.  When you can do this 

  • Sturgeon Moon 2023: August 1-3, 2023: Full Moon in Aquarius.
  • Sturgeon Moon 2024: August 19, 2024: Full Moon in Aquarius.
  • Sturgeon Moon 2025: August 9, 2025: Full Moon in Aquarius.

Before you begin, make sure you have set an intention for this ritual. It can be anything from quitting smoking / snacking / social media, to severing an unhealthy relationship. This is the time to be bold, clear, and strong in your determination.